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The AARP Part-Time Work Connector helps connect experienced professional workers with employers who value their seasoned backgrounds. Whether hourly part-time, freelance, or contract opportunities, the AARP Part-Time Work Connector helps to fill important roles at companies and organizations across the country.

Many of the employers posting are part of the AARP Employer Pledge Program (EPP) - commiting to an age-diverse workforce. EPP companies can post their part-time professional jobs (up to 5 per year) for FREE! Learn more about the Employer Pledge Program.

Job Seekers and Employers - simply follow the instructions below and let AARP help you connect!

Job Seekers

Start by searching for opportunities in the ‘enter keywords’ field on this page. To only search jobs that are included in the Part-Time Work Connector, use the ‘Position Type’ menu and be sure to select ‘Part-Time’ as part of your search.


Employers offering professional part-time opportunities are the driving force for the AARP Part Time Work Connector.

All employers can post jobs that are specially filtered as ‘Part-Time Work Connector’ in their searches. Employer Pledge Companies can post up to five (5) Part-Time Work Connector jobs for free each year.

Employer Pledge Companies

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