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Algebra Tutor

College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors - New Albany, Ohio

Posted: 09/2/2018

Position Type: Tutor
Office: Columbus | New Albany
Location of Position: New Albany

*   Provides students with academic assistance and guidance as directed by CNST management and the Statement of Goals; serves as a role model to students

·       Implements the tutoring strategy within timelines established by family and CNST
·       Plans and prepares for each tutoring session using student and learning center resources
·       Evaluates student progress toward goals and determines appropriate courses of action
·       Communicates frequently with CNST management on student progress; discusses appropriate changes or needs to meet goals within established timelines
*   Maintains student records and materials, including assessments and progress, in proper locations
*   Assists in the development of a positive attitude toward learning, studying and academics
*   Corresponds with teachers or other school staff as necessary to support the Statement of Goals
*   Submits online/mobile Timesheets for work within 24 hours of completion
*   Maintains updated availability via online/mobile Calendar as directed by local CNST office

*   Market/Customer Understanding: ability to professionally represent company’s marketing messaging and brand promise of Building Stronger Families® with each family client
*   Critical Thinking: maintains good judgment, time management, trustworthiness, and responsibility.  Can evaluate student understanding and use appropriate teaching methods
*   Business Operational Understanding: can evaluate client service needs and provide ongoing service. Has expertise in practices, procedures of business operations
*   Communication Skills: ability to listen to others, provide appropriate feedback, communicate professionally to develop and maintain successful work relationships.  Demonstrated ability for effective report writing and communication with both students and adults
*   Interpersonal Skills - can build rapport with student, parents, family members and CNST management; able to work both independently and collaboratively

*   CPR/First Aid certified or willingness to obtain certification
*   At least one year certificate from a college or technical school or currently enrolled in higher education institution
*   Educational development knowledge and skills: has experience related to education or field of study; can demonstrate competency.  Can design, deliver and monitor effective tutoring strategies
*   Ownership of a mobile phone and consistent internet access are required for regular communication
*   Effective communication with students, parents, CNST, teachers and others related to assignments
Physical Environment:

*  Works in a clean, well-lit environment
*  Travel may be required with reliable transportation to and from tutoring location(s).  Access to a vehicle and driver’s license may be necessary for some positions

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