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AM Carman

Xanterra Travel Collection - Williams, Arizona

Posted: 08/27/2018


The AM Carman is responsible for inspecting, running repairs and servicing the GCR in-service passenger cars in compliance with Federal train movement instructions, train signals, and railroad rules and regulations to make up and supervise the movement of passenger and freight trains.




  • Fully understand and support Xanterra Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • Visually inspect machinery or equipment to determine if it meets minimum requirements of operation and customer service levels.
  • Perform air brake tests as required by U.S. Dept. of Transportation—Federal Railroad Admin Power Brake Law, Arizona Corporation Commission Regulations, General Code of Operating Rules, and company rules.
  • Works as needed to facilitate switching the locomotives and passenger cars in yard limits.
  • Change brake shoes on passenger car trucks as necessary.
  • Works at the Mechanical Maintenance Shop on heavy repairs and rebuilding of passenger cars as needed.
  • Operate various designs of manual track switches (e.g., variable, spring) and derail in order to change the route of the engine or cars within yards or on the road.
  • Check switch points to make sure switch is properly aligned.
  • Observe/monitor track conditions such as broken rails, defective switches, defective signals, track obstructions, weather-related problems, etc. Also observe/monitor railroad right-of-way, passing trains, vehicular traffic at crossings, position of switches, etc.
  • Provide an accurate and legible accounting of all hours worked for the Hours of Service log.
  • Maintains flexibility in carrying out daily job duties, organize and manage multiple priorities and tasks.
  • Safely operate sky track and other equipment.
  • Communicate clearly with all levels of staff or customers especially relating to safety issues or when controlling emergency situations.
  • Uses proper communication etiquette while using hand-held radio.
  • Understands written material, including equipment operating instructions, safety and first aid instructions, SDS sheets and manufacturer’s manuals.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Possess a valid Arizona Driver’s License and comply with Xanterra/GCR Vehicle Policy.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous railroad experience.
  • Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) language skills a plus.
  • Previous experience in mechanical or in construction trades such as; carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding etc.


Basic Competencies:

  • Verbal comprehension (Understand oral and written communications, follow detailed directions).
  • Apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed written or oral instructions.
  • Communication skills (provide clear instructions/directions).
  • Reasoning skills (problem solving and troubleshooting skills).
  • Basic mechanical aptitude.




Employment Conditions:

  • Work safely to prevent on the job accidents and injuries.
  • Work in all inclement weather conditions.
  • Work safely to ensure company equipment is secure.
  • Wear protective equipment as required by the job duties.
  • Work in confined spaces.
  • Completes training and certification programs as required by the position. Training may include but is not limited to; Blue Signal, GCOR, Sky Track/Forklift, Defensive Driving, Sustainability, Respiratory Protection & General Safety.
  • Work hours may include a nonstandard workweek, overtime, on-call, and various shift work as needed.


Physical Requirements:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is:

  • Frequently standing, walking, handling, reaching outward, reaching above shoulder, climbing, crawling, squatting/kneeling, bending/stooping lifting/carrying up to 50lbs, and pushing/pulling up to 25lbs. Twisting, using eye/hand coordination, manual dexterity, using wrist motion, and ascending and descending ladder.
  • Occasionally sitting, lifting/carrying up to 100lbs, and pushing/pulling up to 100lbs.
  • Constantly listening, hearing, seeing, and speaking.
  • Will be required to stand and walk for long periods of time on cement floors and to occasionally walk on uneven surfaces and onboard moving equipment.

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