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Delivering world class service begins with customer satisfaction. Our first priority is your customer’s and/or employee’s safety, security, and their positive interaction with our agents. Professionalism means extraordinary execution of service delivery. Alert, capable, energetic, and pleasant Andy Frain staff fully understand they not only represent Andy Frain Services, but our customers as well.


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Andy Frain QA Auditor (J03A-20)

Andy Frain Services - Illinois, United States

Posted: 12/15/2018


  • Quality Assurance Audit of Aircraft
  • Cabin Condition
  • Cabin Appearance
  • Interaction with Client
  • Interaction with Client's Vendor
  • Production of Reports



  • Associate's Degree or industry equivalent
  • Airline Industry experience preferred
  • Federal Background Check
  • Fingerprinting required for credentials
  • Strong oral/writte Communication Skills
  • Ability to work alone and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work flexible schedule
  • Ability to travel several times per year


This description portrays in general terms the type and level(s) of work performed and is not intended to be all-inclusive, nor the specific duties of any one incumbent. Andy Frain Services reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or augment the duties and responsibilities specified in the position description, in the Company’s sole and absolute discretion. Duties other than those expressly specified may be assigned from time to time.

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