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Delivering world class service begins with customer satisfaction. Our first priority is your customer’s and/or employee’s safety, security, and their positive interaction with our agents. Professionalism means extraordinary execution of service delivery. Alert, capable, energetic, and pleasant Andy Frain staff fully understand they not only represent Andy Frain Services, but our customers as well.


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Carousel Operator

Andy Frain Services - Hoover, Alabama

Posted: 11/12/2018

Responsibilities: Inspects carousel hourly to insure all parts are in working condition, reports all maintenance needs to Andy Frain Services manager, assists small children on horses, receives tokens, and coupons from guests to ride the carousel, maintains a level of awareness of the guests riding carousel, cleans all carousel horses, chariots and platform on which the carousel is attached to. Turns on carousel music at the beginning of shift and insures it is playing throughout the day. Required to work various shifts, including weekends and evenings or special events. Must be 18 or older

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