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CNA / Certified Nursing Assistant - Pheasant Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center

Consulate Health Care - Roanoke, Virginia

Posted: 12/14/2018

Job ID 37895

Position Location US-VA-Roanoke

Facility Name Pheasant Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center

Job Category CNA


Position Status FT (Full Time)

Shift 7a-3p/3p-11p Weekend Baylor

Job Overview

Purpose of Your Job Positions

As a Consulate Health Care Nurse Tech I (CNA/STNA), you are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for our residents, families, co-workers, visitors, and all others; as well as demonstrating in all interactions, Consulate Health Care’s five core values of Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Passion. The primary purpose of your job position is to provide each of your assigned residents with routine daily nursing care and services in accordance with the resident’s assessment and care plan, and as may be directed by your supervisors. You are entrusted to provide innovative, responsible healthcare with the creation and implementation of new ideas and concepts that continually improve systems and processes to achieve superior results.

Job Function

As Nurse Tech I (CNA/STNA), you are delegated the administrative authority, responsibility, and accountability necessary for carrying out your assigned duties. The Nurse Tech works under the direction of licensed personnel to provide quality resident care in accordance with applicable regulations. Supervises, none. This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by the supervisors or mangers to perform other duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in his job description. The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Report all complaints and grievances made by the resident.
  2. Participate in resident care assessments.
  3. Assist in development of resident treatment plans.
  4. Provide direct care in accordance with treatment plans, as directed by the Director of Clinical Services/Assistant Director of Clinical Services/Clinical Nurse.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of and utilize proper infection control practices/policies.
  6. Accompany residents, as needed, to various activities and functions.
  7. Complete required documentation accurately and in a timely manner.
  8. Participate in restorative nursing program.
  9. Maintain a clean, safe, and secure environment for residents.
  10. Act in compliance with all corporate, state, federal, and other regulatory standards.
  11. Notify the facility when you will be late or absent from work.
  12. Report occupational exposures to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous chemicals to your supervisor.
  13. Report known or suspected incidents of fraud to the Executive Director.
  14. Embrace Consulate Health Care’s five core values of compassion, honesty, integrity, respect, and passion, and incorporate them into the daily job function.
  15. Demonstrate respect and compassion in every interaction.
  16. Conduct oneself with the highest degree of honesty and integrity in every interaction.
  17. Demonstrate a passion for caring as evidenced by interactions with co-workers, residents, families, and visitors.
  18. Report injuries of an unknown source, including skin tears.
  19. Turn all medications found in the resident’s room/possession over to the Clinical Nurse.
  20. Keep residents’ water pitchers clean and filled with fresh water (on each shift), and within easy reach of the resident.
  21. Serve between meal and bedtime snacks.
  22. Perform after meal care (i.e., remove trays, clean resident’s hands, face, clothing, take to bathroom, brush teeth, clean dentures, etc.).
  23. Check rooms for food articles (i.e., food in proper container, unauthorized food items, etc.).
  24. Attend and participate in scheduled training and educational classes to maintain current certification as a Nursing Technician.
  25. Attend and participate in scheduled orientation programs and activities.
  26. Attend and participate in facility in-service training programs as instructed.
  27. Participate in appropriate in-service training programs prior to performing tasks that involve potential exposure to blood/body fluids.
  28. Wash hands before and after performing any service for the resident.
  29. Keep the nurses’ call system within easy reach of the resident.
  30. Immediately notify the Clinical Nurse of any resident leaving/missing from the facility.
  31. Follow established safety precautions in the performance of all duties.
  32. Keep residents’ personal possessions off the floor and properly stored.
  33. Keep floors dry. Report spills immediately.
  34. Keep excess supplies and equipment off the floor. Store in designated areas.
  35. Wash wheelchairs, walkers, etc., as instructed.
  36. Clean, disinfect, and return all resident care equipment to its designated storage area after each use.
  37. Report all hazardous conditions and equipment to the Clinical Nurse immediately.
  38. Report all safety violations.
  39. Follow established resident and non-resident smoking regulations. Report all violations.
  40. Follow established isolation precautions and procedures.
  41. Wash hands before entering and after leaving an isolation room/area.
  42. Follow established procedures in the use and disposal of personal protective equipment.
  43. Wear and/or use safety equipment and supplies (e.g., back brace, mechanical lifts, etc.) when lifting or moving residents.
  44. May be trained and assigned to perform the Customer Care Liaison duties as needed.
  45. Perform all other duties as assigned.


Must possess, as a minimum, a high school diploma or GED equivalent and be certified/registered in the state of practice.


Minimum one (1) year of experience preferred in a setting serving the same age/type of resident population

Specific Requirements

  • Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language and possess good communication skills.
  • Must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age-related needs of the residents served.
  • Must be a supportive team member, contribute to and be an example of teamwork and team concept.
  • Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
  • Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel, and the general public.
  • Must possess the ability and willingness to work harmoniously with other personnel.
  • Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition, and enthusiasm, as well as the willingness to handle difficult residents.
  • Must be willing to seek out new methods and principles and be willing to incorporate them into existing nursing practices.
  • Must be able to relate information concerning a resident’s condition.
  • Must not pose a direct threat to the health and safety of other individuals in the workplace.

Working Conditions

  • Works throughout the nursing service area (i.e., drug rooms, nurses’ stations, resident rooms, etc.).
  • Moves intermittently during working hours.
  • Is subject to frequent interruptions.
  • Is involved with residents, personnel, visitors, government agencies/personnel, etc., under all conditions and circumstances.
  • Is subject to hostile and emotionally upset residents, family members, personnel, and visitors.
  • Communicates with nursing personnel and other department personnel.
  • Works beyond normal working hours, on weekends and holidays, and in other positions temporarily, when necessary.
  • Is subject to call back during emergency conditions (e.g., severe weather, evacuation, post-disaster, etc.).
  • Attends and participates in continuing educational programs.
  • Is subject to injury from falls, burns from equipment, odors, etc., throughout the workday, as well as to reactions from dust, disinfectants, tobacco smoke, and other air contaminants.
  • Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, infectious diseases, conditions, etc., including TB and AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.
  • May be subject to the handling of and exposure to hazardous chemicals.


Company Overview

Where Will Compassion Take You?

At Consulate Health Care, we're looking for talented, compassionate and hard-working individuals who are eager to serve others. Our team members go above and beyond to give our residents and patients the care they deserve — so you'll find that every day with Consulate Health Care offers new and exciting opportunities to learn and grow.

Compassionate hearts and passionate dedication – these two qualities shine in our team members and provide the foundation for our mission of “Providing Service With Our Hearts and Hands” . The compassion you'll show to residents, patients and their families is the lifeline of our business, while relationships with your peers and coworkers will strengthen our vibrant, diverse community.

Consulate Health Care is one of the nation's leading providers of Senior healthcare services, specializing in post-acute care. Operating nationwide, we offer services ranging from short-term transitional care to Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Comprehensive post-acute care
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies
  • "Your Journey Home" short-term rehab program
  • Alzheimer's and dementia care
  • Care for medically-complex patients

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