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Manager - Legal Operations

Arby's - Atlanta, Georgia

Posted: 11/18/2018


This position is responsible for developing and implementing the operations of the legal department, including identifying and managing scalable technology, tools, processes, and procedures necessary for delivery of the department's services across all brands. As the director of legal operations, this position may supervise certain non-attorney team members whose work supports the delivery of such services.


  • Directly, and indirectly through those supervised/other departments, manage the internal processes (e.g., contract review, legal holds, subpoenas, discovery, legal matter tracking and reporting, etc.) that are necessary to support effective delivery of legal services to the enterprise
  • Provide day-to-day litigation support across all brands, including regular interaction with external partners to coordinate litigation defense
  • Develop relationships with key internal stakeholders so as to position the legal department to efficiently and effectively defend litigation across all brands
  • Work closely with the AGC to support the day-to-day management of complex litigation
  • Design and implement a legal department technology policy that balances investments in appropriate tools and processes with the need to operate efficiently and cost effectively
  • Manage Inspire Brand's contract management system, including coordinating intake, distribution (for review), and storage of contracts
  • Develop and manage internal legal communications and messaging, including operational reporting, notification regarding key legal developments, and other internal messaging
  • Design and manage legal spend reporting and analytics across all brands, as well as develop and track other metrics as requested
  • Identify and coordinate internal legal training (e.g., from internal and external speakers) as directed by the AGC
  • Work closely with the risk department to ensure applicable legal matters are correctly reported to insurers and general liability claims are appropriately supported by field team members
  • Manage the legal billing function across all brands
  • Serve as the legal department's key contact for all non-lawyer legal requests for support
  • Provide day-to-day supervision of, and necessary direction to, non-lawyer direct report(s)


  • In coordination with departmental lawyers, develop and maintain legal hold and document retention policies and processes
  • As directed by the AGC, support both departmental compliance (e.g., development of templates and standard contract provisions) and enterprise compliance processes (e.g., Code of Conduct management)
  • Support the AGC in coordination of departmental staff meetings
  • Perform special projects as needed



  • 6+ years of relevant legal experience within a law firm or in-house legal department
  • Bachelor's degree required
  • Strong prior management experience
  • General experience designing and/or managing systems, tools and processes used to support and operate a legal department
  • Specific experience with, and working knowledge of, systems and tools used for litigation, matter, document, and contract management
  • Experience with Microsoft's Power Bl


  • Experience working with or for a franchisor or franchisee
  • Restaurant or hospitality industry experience



  • Experience managing projects and processes involving multiple people or departments
  • Broad and in-depth knowledge of litigation processes
  • General knowledge of transactional work, including contract/NDA review processes
  • Experience drafting legal correspondence
  • Skill in time management and organization with excellent attention to detail
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills with a proven track record of building relationships
  • Professional writing skills, including strong abilities in editing and proofing and in use of correct sentence structure and grammar

Freedom to Act:

  • Ability to handle significant workload and prioritize tasks with a high degree of autonomy
  • As needed to support priorities, ability to make significant changes to when and how tasks are completed

Size and Complexity:

  • Capable of managing complex and multi-dimensional projects through ingenuity and creativity
  • Comfortable collecting and incorporating sometimes vague or ambiguous input from various sources in order to resolve problems
  • As needed to support delivery of services, comfortable modifying, adapting or improving policies and processes


  • Frequent interaction with internal and external personnel that regularly requires coordination between departments

External Relationships:

  • Frequent interaction with outside counsel, insurers, vendors and franchisees/their counsel


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands for this position are sits, stands, bends, lifts, and moves intermittently during working hours. These physical requirements may be accomplished with or without reasonable accommodations.



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