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Pharmacy Diversion Officer

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System - Spartanburg, South Carolina

Posted: 08/9/2018

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Minimum Requirements


Registered pharmacist


5 years of pharmacy experience or equivalent as a practicing pharmacist

Facilitating multi-disciplinary committees

Working with pharmacy medication management systems and technologies

Regulatory and compliance requirements across all pharmacy disciplines

Data analysis and auditing

Analytical and communication skills

Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team

Project Management

Providing multi-disciplinary education

Preferred Requirements


PharmD and/or

MBA or MHA and/or

PGY2 Residency in Pharmacy Administration


>10 years of experience as a staff or managerial pharmacist preferred

Regulatory experience

Working with state and federal regulatory agencies

Controlled substance surveillance and management systems

Conducting a drug diversion investigation

Familiarity with the causes, symptoms, recognition, and treatment of addiction

Collating and presenting compliance data to administration

Working with local, state, and national organizations to increase awareness around drug diversion and pharmacy compliance

Required Licenses/Registrations/Certifications

Valid SC pharmacy license (or eligible)

Core Job Responsibilities1

The diversion officer is responsible for having a thorough understanding of medication management systems and technologies (e.g., automated dispensing devices, medication carts, and repackaging systems); CS surveillance and management systems and tech­niques; federal and state regulatory compliance requirements; and audit­ing techniques.

The diversion officer understands the operations of the pharmacy department (e.g., order­ing, receiving, storage, distribution, administration, returns, wasting) as well as other pertinent areas (periop­erative, anesthesia, procedure, clinic, research, and retail pharmacy areas) and is responsible for system wide process standardization and compliance

The diversion officer leads the complex investigatory processes of an interdisciplinary team, which will require strong analytical and communication skills, attention to detail, organization, ability to work independently and collaboratively, and a commitment to healthcare eth­ics and confidentiality.

The diversion officer is responsible for identifying and conducting drug diversion investigations.

The diversion officer works with local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations during criminal investigations, as well as with state licensing agencies and national accrediting organizations.

The diver­sion officer works with the organization's human resources department and hospital leadership to develop strong policies to protect employees and mitigate employee diversion risks (Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Task Force and Executive Committee).

Familiarity with the causes, symptoms, recogni­tion, and treatment of drug addiction and human behavioral assessment to help drive system wide education, increase patient safety, and protecting the organiza­tion from diversion.

Diversion officer is responsible for staying current with national, state, and local drug abuse and diversion trends and updating the healthcare system policy and procedure.

Diversion Officer is involved with national, state, and local organizations and efforts to help raise awareness of drug diversion, and attend local, state, and national diversion meetings (e.g., National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators conferences).

Responsible for system wide compliance as it relates to controlled substance management, state and federal regulatory agencies, and departmental strategic imperatives.

Diversion officer ensures compliance with Board of Pharmacy Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet Permits

Other responsibilities as assigned

<?xml:namespace prefix = "v" /> Category I - Position includes tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids, and tissues.

Category II - Position includes tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues, but employment may require performing unplanned category I tasks.

Category III - Position includes tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues. This position would never be required to perform category I tasks.

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