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QA Analyst - Seasonal

H&R Block - Kansas City, Missouri

Posted: 10/14/2018


Black Box / Gray Box Tester. Thoroughly understands the function of the product or product area (end o end) from the customer perspective. Level of understanding of end-user functionality exceeds that of the software engineer or hardware technician. Responsible for ensuring that software/hardware implements functionality as specified in the Business Requirements and Functional Requirements without necessarily reading product source code or technical manual. Responsible for ensuring that software/hardware performs as documented or designed and that it cannot be broken once it gets into the hands of the customer. Be involved in the beginning of the design cycle to create the use cases that will drive product development. Gather requirements, draft and/or review requirements, workflows, and UI designs for product features and enhancements. Responsible for scheduling assigned tasks and updating manager on progress. Tasks are completed within a reasonable, agreed upon timeframe. Responsible for ensuring all deliverables are high quality. Quality is defined as contributing to solutions that deliver a high quality end-to-end customer experience with a high degree of compliance with business and technical requirements and product and process information. Influence primarily impacts specific project. Decisions have a significant impact on software quality.

  • Write test plans, test cases, use cases, and test strategy documents in compliance with relevant organizational and industry standards.
  • Creates clearly documented defect reports that enable problems to be recreated along with suitable workarounds.
  • Articulates Process Improvement suggestions. Information, Analysis and Recommendations to support team efforts.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations for communicating any of the above.
  • Can construct complete/thorough manual test cases based on test design and thorough knowledge of the product and its environment. Consistently ensures high quality, thorough manual test cases that fully exercise product functionality, but consume minimal resources.
  • Effectively uses test automation where appropriate and available to increase the thoroughness of testing.
  • Executes end-to-end functional tests and utilizes automated tests developed by others to exercise system
  • Can act as a customer advocate when investigating defects found in production. Champions customer requirements throughout the development process via the ability to function in the role of the customer, seeing problems as they are seen by the customer. Provides thorough review of product documentation to ensure it meets customer needs. Should be able to train others on the product and in testing. Design tests to represent the customer experience, including but not limited to the subtler uses of the product as represented by ongoing customer feedback and interaction.
  • Works with UX to construct usability tests. May write and/or review requirements, user design documents, and other related documentation.
  • Offers direct input into the Marketing requirements documents, reviews and gives feedback based on product knowledge and understanding of customer issues. Must understand the business needs the product is trying to meet.
  • Effectively influence others to insure appropriate levels of quality on owned deliverable(s).
  • Participates in Inspection process for project deliverables relating to assigned components, especially at the requirements document level.
  • Create work plans for own deliverables. Creates clearly documented personal goals, plans, designs and results and communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences. Compares, contrasts, and prioritizes alternative approaches to meeting those objectives.
  • Use product familiarity and subject matter expertise to: identify, gather, analyze and document business requirements; create end user workflows; draft user-facing content; and document all using proprietary templates and style guidelines.
  • Develops strong cooperative relationships with development and product management teams as well as technical support. Act as liaison with Technical Support representatives to gather customer feedback and ensure/add to closing the loop with the customer on resolution of problems.
  • Mentors team members and provides peer review of proposed UI designs.
  • Resolve product functionality disagreements involving team members. Intercede with UX and Marketing/PM as needed. Arbitrates disagreements and makes decisions while maintaining effective working relationships.
  • Responsible for initiating, developing and driving the adoption of product and process improvements throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Effectively participates on and sometimes leads cross-functional testing activities. Collaborates with staff from all functions involved in the development process.
  • Regular interaction with peers and manager regarding assigned project tasks.
  • Collaborates to achieve end-to-end product and process quality.
  • Works closely with Product marketing/product management to ensure the product complies with the requirements. Suggests product and process improvements. Instrumental in the implementation of process improvements throughout the PD Group.
  • Contributes to end-to-end product testing strategy, focusing on the customer experience.


  • Must be strong black box / gray box tester; may know automation.
  • Thoroughly understands software development life cycle principles and techniques.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the product functions and the marketplace in which it is sold. Applies that knowledge when developing test cases and throughout testing phase.
  • Ability to act as knowledge source for other members of the QA/QC org, as well as development and knowledge source for the architects/technicians. Seen as the expert for the product or product area. Thoroughly understands the product from the customer end-to-endpoint of view.
  • Must be able to perform risk analysis relating to defect fixes, SUs, and other related program changes to assigned projects.
  • Understands the relationships between "owned" components and those with which they interface. Capable of assisting with cross-component dependency analysis.
  • Strong analytical and written communication skills.
  • Software/hardware testing fundamentals including the concepts of both positive and negative testing. Hands on experience with representative technologies.
  • Understands the software testing processes.

  • May have technical knowledge at the code reading/debugging level, but not required.
  • Experience with writing and executing automated tests.
  • Experience using test case or defect tracking tools.

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This job has expired and you can't apply for it anymore