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Sanitation Operator

Harris Teeter - High Point Hf Ice Cream Production, North Carolina

Posted: 11/15/2018

The primary purpose of this position is to disassemble and clean processing equipment in a safe and efficient manner following established procedures. This position also is responsible for completing the filling operation if additional volume or production problems occur.

Sanitation I:
  1. Associate must have: 1) full knowledge of all department work stations with regards to the sanitation process, 2) Ability to complete all department sanitation paperwork and charts, and 3) willingness to train on sanitation processes in the other production plant, if available.

Sanitation II:
  1. Associate is learning or has knowledge of 1 or more work station with regards to the appropriate sanitation process, while learning additional work stations.

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Dismantles processing equipment from operating position to cleaning format.
  2. Gathers required cleaning materials from storage area, places in buckets, and transports to cleaning area.
  3. Cleans and sanitizes machinery, tanks, and lines according to standard operating procedures.
  4. Cleans and sanitizes walls and floor.
  5. Performs repair and maintenance of product pumps.
  6. Inspects and replaces gaskets as needed.
  7. Follows operating guidelines and monitors quality while operating filler equipment. This includes weights, labeling, code date, packaging condition, and the observance of proper sanitary procedures.
  8. Observes all safety guidelines when handling hazardous chemicals, equipment with moving parts, or around electricity.
  9. Completes all necessary daily documentation in an accurate and legible manner.
  10. Follows all Good Manufacturing Practice requirements and complies with all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.
  11. Performs minor maintenance procedures on equipment.
  12. Unloads jugs and cases off trucks when performing filler operator functions.
  13. Gathers packaging supplies from warehouse when needed.
  14. Adapts to various situations and adjusts to shifting priorities.
  15. Meets company established attendance policy, performs essential job functions throughout the established scheduled and extended work hours when required.
  16. Abides by all company mandated safety/health rules and regulations.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned.

  1. Equivalent to a high school education with dairy or food processing experience preferred. Applicant must be 18 years of age
  2. Requires the ability to read, write, complete simple forms and understand simple written instructions, the ability to perform arithmetic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (including decimals and fractions). Could require simple use of formulas, charts, weight tables, specifications, and schedules.

  1. With the above education and skills, it would take over 3 to 12 months to become proficient in this position.

Initiative & Ingenuity:
  1. Requires the use of judgment to plan, perform, and make decisions as to the sequence of setups, operations and processes within the limitations of recognized or standard methods and procedures.

Physical Demand:
  1. This position must at times, exert light physical effort consisting of lifting/carrying buckets of cleaning solution weighing 5 pounds approximately 85% of the time, pumps weighing 150 pounds approximately 20% of the time, pipes weighing 30-40 pounds approximately 60% of the time, freezer blade weighing 20-60 pounds approximately 30% of the time, and ladders. Must also push/pull when setting up the floor machine weighing 85 pounds approximately 20% of the time, tables weighing 20 pounds approximately 10% of the time, water hose weighing 20 pounds approximately 50% of the time, 1200 blades weighing 45-50 pounds approximately 30% of the time, and tool cart weighing 30 pounds approximately 60% of the time. Most jobs require bending, stooping, reaching, kneeling, standing, balancing, grasping, touching, twisting, and use of mechanical controls, such as buttons, knobs, and levers.

Mental/Visual/Auditory Demands:
  1. Continuous mental and visual attention; usually repetitive work or diversified operations requiring constant alertness or activity for the assurance of a quality product. Must have normal/corrected vision, constant observation using near and far sight acuity, be able to distinguish colors and ability to, smell and hear.

Equipment or Process:
  1. High - responsible for total set-up, adjustment, operation and/or maintenance of equipment where errors could completely destroy a silo and would result in extensive damages and expenses. Equipment frequently used in this position are Hand Tools; Floor Machines; Riding Floor Machine; 1/2 Gallon, Quart/Pint, and 5 Quart Fruit Feeders; Tube for Testing Temperature.

Material or Product:
  1. Errors would result in the total loss of a silo full of mix or product which could not be salvaged or re-worked. Probable loss could be very high.

Safety of Others:
  1. Constant care necessary to prevent injury to others, due to the inherent hazards of the job; accidents, should they occur, would be partially incapacitating in nature such as loss of an arm, leg, or eyes.

Work of Others:
  1. Responsible for over 25 persons in which a mistakes on their part could cause the complete shut down of milk or ice cream production or shipping, resulting in the entire work force for these areas to cease production.

Working Conditions:
  1. Disagreeable working conditions. Frequently exposed to heat, cold, wet or humid, slippery floors, vibrations, noise, potential for electrical shock hazard, working at heights, vapors, oil/grease/solvents, and toxic chemicals; some or all of these elements are continuously present to the extent of being objectionable. Cleaning of equipment requires working in a confined space (tanks).

  1. Danger of severe accidents such as spilling or splashing chemicals may cause the loss of an eye, total disability, or loss of life.

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