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 Genoa Healthcare is the largest provider of pharmacy, outpatient telepsychiatry and medication management services. With over 15 years of experience, Genoa Healthcare serves more than 650,000 individuals annually across the United States.

Everything we do is informed by our CARE values: Caring, Accountable, Results-Oriented and Ethical.

Each of our pharmacies is located within a behavioral health center, psychiatric clinic, or Federally Qualified Health Center. Genoa strives to make a positive impact within each of our partner centers by improving efficiencies, improving care and outcomes for the individuals we serve. Genoa is a full-service pharmacy. We take care of all the medication needs of our consumers, including prescriptions written by psychiatrists, primary care providers, etc.

Genoa employs pharmacists, technicians and business professionals; our employees make a difference in the lives of our consumers, partner centers, and coworkers.

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Telepsychiatry Physician Partnerships Manager

Genoa Healthcare - New York, New York

Posted: 11/18/2018



At Genoa Healthcare Telepsychiatry we increase access to behavioral healthcare in underserved communities across the U.S. by building telepsychiatry programs that connect patients with psychiatrists & APRNs remotely. Genoa Healthcare Telepsychiatry (formerly 1DocWay) is the largest outpatient telepsychiatry community with programs in over 35 states providing 100,000+ appointments annually. Our New York team offers ample career development opportunities in a mission-driven culture valuing empathy, collaboration, grit and continuous learning.


Our psychiatrists and APRNs are the heart of our solution and we are seeking someone who is passionate about maintaining ongoing relationships with existing providers for our growing business needs. We are searching for a Physician Partnerships Manager who will help us achieve our mission to grow our team of Genoa Telepsychiatrists and to contribute to the strategy of the team. Given that telepsychiatry is a rapidly growing industry, you will have the opportunity to work at the forefront of a cutting-edge solution to the deep, structural issue of mental health care access.


The Physician Partnerships team is built around two recruiting-related roles: the Physician Partnerships Associates who lead the efforts with providers in the introductory stages of their partnership with Genoa, and the Physician Partnerships Managers who work more closely with providers once they are ready to be introduced to potential clinic partners. All team members are also integral in managing ongoing strategic projects and initiatives to constantly evolve Genoa Telepsychiatry’s competitiveness, growth, and innovative solutions.




  • Be action oriented and focused on the operational needs of the Physician Partnerships team. This includes:
    • Speaking directly to providers about our values, competitive advantages, business model, differentiators, and mission
    • Diligently responding to providers to keep momentum in recruiting efforts moving forward
    • Closely listening to providers and prioritizing their preferences in the recruiting process as to find them the most sustainable clinical match for their services
    • Empathizing with the company’s Clinic Partnerships, Implementations, and Account Management teams to understand the needs of our clinics to find the best possible provider for the clinic as well as for Genoa Healthcare
    • Collecting and analyzing data on the team’s efforts and success in recruiting providers to help the team learn how to improve the process overall
    • Utilizing Genoa Telepsychiatry’s CRM tool to stay organized and capture information related to interested providers for communication to other team members
    • Contributing new ideas and ways to improve the process, and proactively communicating any roadblocks along with suggested solutions to the team
  • Be eager and driven to assist in setting and executing on the vision of the Physician Partnerships team. This includes:
    • Leveraging experience, insights from provider conversations, and knowledge of the competitive and provider landscapes to help design strategic initiatives that will set Genoa Telepsychiatry apart as a leader; the ultimate goal is to strengthen the provider Genoa Telepsychiatry experience in a way that will organically attract and retain providers
    • Collaborating with other Genoa Telepsychiatry teams (i.e., Marketing, Clinic Partnerships, Implementations, Account Management, and Product) to design strategic initiatives that will enable cross-team success and meet aligned goals
    • Working with the Physician Partnerships team to prioritize the various strategic initiatives with clear timelines and workplans for execution
    • Taking ownership of strategic initiatives, managing the development of these initiatives, and meeting deadlines with high quality output for these initiatives


  • You will be working at the heart of the business challenge in a very high impact role; your impact will be realized on a daily basis in our startup-like culture
  • You will hone and build invaluable skills that prepare you for any action-oriented roles, while also gaining experience with business development and strategy
  • The telepsychiatry exposure gives you unique insight into a growing market; you will have the opportunity to shape the future of the industry through Genoa Telepsychiatry’s large footprint and scale
  • A flat hierarchy means you will be working with company leadership every day and will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and have a voice than typical
  • All teams work together to achieve an overarching goal of building telepsychiatry programs, so you will gain exposure to other functions including Marketing, Product, Clinic Partnerships, Account Management, and Customer Success
  • Our team and our workspace in Manhattan allow you to meet thought leaders in the healthcare and startup space, internally and externally



  • A team-player mentality that enables you to look beyond your assigned responsibilities and proactively seek out ways to assist the team
  • Ability to communicate professionally, yet personally to our potential providers; someone who can be seen credibly by our providers is critical. Therefore, experience in recruiting related or client facing roles is preferred
  • Organizational and time management skills needed to manage multiple provider conversations and deals at once, while balancing your time to work on strategic initiatives and meet deadlines
  • A strong sense of ownership in your work and the company’s health; high attention to detail and critically thought through solutions will yield the highest quality impact
  • A high degree of confidence, independence, and curiosity
  • Self-driven motivation and the ability to problem solve when faced with a challenge; working autonomously is important since there is no culture of micromanagement
  • A bias towards creating scalable solutions in the day to day recruiting efforts and the strategic initiatives to set the company up for successful growth
  • Willingness to learn about Genoa Telepsychiatry’s business model and be a champion of telepsychiatry
  • Individuals with a desire to work at a fast-growing health-tech company. A passion for working in healthcare is a plus
  • Ability to travel to provider conferences and events 2-4 times per year as well as to company-wide retreats if needed (~15 travel days per year)

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